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7 Reasons Why Millenials are not using Linkedin

What does IDK mean?

Linkedin is a Social Network for Job seekers.

But it is also a boring social network.

People go to LinkedIn because they have to do it, in order to find jobs or to build a “Personal Brand”.

While it has 740 M users from 200 countries, they spend an average of just 17 mins per month on the platform.

Who is contributing to these low numbers in terms of minutes spent.

You guessed it right! Millennials!

According to Millennials constitute 60% of all Linkedin users. LinkedIn is also becoming popular among college goers. However if you look at the contribution or time spent, Millennials are probably skewing the average lower.

But why do Millennilas not like Linkedin. Here are some possible explanations.

1. Its not Entertaining.

Millennials are not in LinkedIn because they like to hangout there. There are other options if they just want to hang out in a Social Media platform.

They are in Linkedin because they want to achieve an objective – to improve their career and the only objective that it accomplishes effectively is the job search process.

But that matters only if they are looking for jobs which is usually a “once in a while” occasion.

Otherwise there is nothing to entertain them, they would rather go to Instagra or Netflix for that.

2. Not relevant Content

Most of the content that floats about on Linkedin is just opinions and while there are a few influencers whose opinions one might care for, the vast majority are just novices just trying to build their “Personal brand”.

The truth is – the newsfeed is just too low value.

None of the content is personalized for the career aspirations of the individual. If one is there because it is supposed to be useful, it better be at least that.

3. Certifications that don’t matter

LinkedIn learning issues certifications just Coursera or Edx or Udacity.

But one rarely sees the certifications displayed in people’s resumes. LinkedIn certifications are of not much use in the job market and does not signal serious intent to learn a subject.

4. It’s not private or intimate

According to Forbes contributor Diane Mehta “Seventy percent of Millennials say no one should have access to their data or online behavior.

Yes – they are being hypocritical here.

But Linkedin is just too open for them – too much of their details out in the open for people to judge. Imagine putting their resume out there in the open.

Not just that – imagine no stalking potential employers or managers.

Just so embarrassing that people should know when you check out their profiles and then parse yours just to find out about you.

5. No real connections

Most of your real connections are there in other Social Media channels. Linkedin is the place where you connected with your annoying co-worker or the 100s of people you are never likely to meet in your life.

So a millennial musters up courage and posts something.

No response!


Never again – he says as he leaves the site

6. Premium options too expensive

Premium options are way too expensive and that is the reason most people opt for it only for a short time.

7. Hate Networking

Millennials see themselves as disruptors and everything they do must be different. They do not have much patience with traditional networking styles.

LinkedIn in their opinion only transfers this traditional process to an online setting.

They value deeper relationships over superficial relationship built only to secure jobs.

8. Endorsements and Recommendations have no Value too

Getting endorsed for any kind of skill has no meaning on Linkedin.

You could create random skills and get your friends to recommend you for them.

Easy to get recommendations from colleagues and bosses, but nobody cares honestly.

What do you think?

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